Recently, imToken discovered that scammers had purchased search terms and Ad space across multiple channels such as Baidu and Feixiaohao, which led to the download of a fake wallet App and token loss.

We have contacted these channels to take down the scammer ads, while continuously collecting evidence to help the police block these fake websites and arrest the scammers.

How to download imToken safely?

Before downloading, please make sure the URL of imToken's official website ( is  100% correct.

How to tell if my imToken is a fake App?

  1. App Store: Please confirm that the developer of imToken is IMTOKEN PTE.LTD. and all others are fake Apps.
  2. Feixiaohao: Scammers replaced the imToken download link on Feixiaohao with a fake URL between May 16 and August 8, 2021. Users who have downloaded imToken via Feixiaohao during this period are at risk of losing their tokens.
  3. Other channels: Please be cautious of any URLs similar to imToken's official website (, as Apps downloaded from non-official channels could be counterfeit.

What should I do if I have downloaded a fake App?

  1. Addresses created via fake Apps or addresses that have been imported into fake Apps are at risk. Stop using these risky addresses ASAP.
  2. Download imToken from our official website: and create a new wallet address.
  3. Transfer tokens from the fake App to the new wallet address ASAP. 

If you spot any attempted or successful scams, please report to us by sending an email to [email protected].

About imToken

At imToken, we are committed to equipping our users with security knowledge and providing security solutions to safeguard their tokens, thus creating a safe and sound crypto ecosystem.

imToken is a digital token management tool with personal touch and accountability. It undergoes rigorous security audits and deploys sophisticated risk control measures to guarantee the safety of user tokens. It is now serving more than 10 million blockchain enthusiasts from over 150 countries and regions.

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imToken Team