Your assets are at risk of being stolen if you download a fake imToken App, and the assets in the fake wallet need to be transferred ASAP. If you have two mobile devices, please follow this tutorial to transfer your assets.

Note: If you only have one mobile device, please refer to this blog How to transfer assets safely if you only have one phone?

Warning: Your assets are still at risk of being stolen if you make a mistake when transferring assets(detailed explanations can be found at the end of the blog). Be sure you follow the tutorial below.

Please prepare two phones, one with the current fake App, and the other will be used to install the real imToken App.

Download and install imToken from the imToken official website: on the other phone. Be sure to check the website security certificate before downloading!

If you download imToken from the Apple App Store, Please confirm that the developer of imToken is IMTOKEN PTE.LTD., and all others are fake Apps.


Create identity wallet

1. Open imToken -> Click “Create Identity” -> Set the wallet info -> Click “Create”


2. Backup the mnemonic (12 English words) and verify the words again to ensure the correctness of the mnemonic. Click the wallet address under ETH which starts with 0x to enter the Receive page and click “Copy”.

Note: Once someone gets your mnemonic, it is equivalent to controlling your wallet. Keep the mnemonic away from the internet and do not lose it. If you lose your mnemonic phrases, it can’t be retrieved.

The simplest way to back up the mnemonic is to write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in a secure place.


Moving assets

1. Open the fake App, Click the menu button in the top left corner and select the wallet that contains your assets. Take the ETH wallet as an example, click the token you want to transfer.


2. Click “Send”, enter the copied address of the new wallet. Click "All Balance" for the amount, and click "Next" to pay the miner fee.

Next, transfer all other tokens to the new wallet address in the same order as above. After all your funds have been successfully moved into the new wallet, uninstall the fake App. All addresses used in the fake App are at risk, so please do not use them again!

Note: ETH is required as a miner's fee for ETH wallet transfers, and TRX is required for Tron wallet transfers to cover the energy and bandwidth consumed. If you do not have ETH or TRX in your wallet, please purchase it from an exchange and transfer it to your wallet.

After purchasing ETH/TRX from an exchange, be sure to select ETH/TRX when withdrawing coins.


If you encounter any problem during the process, you can contact us via [email protected]. We’ll get you the help you need.

The 3 most common mistakes when moving assets

Please note that your assets are still at risk of being stolen if you make a mistake when transferring assets.

  • Do not import the compromised addresses from the fake App into real imToken for continued use.

    The mnemonic for addresses in the fake App has been leaked. So even if you import them into real imToken, your assets are still at risk of being stolen. To ensure that your funds are 100% safe, please create a new wallet with real imToken and uninstall the fake App after transferring all your funds into the new wallet. 

  • Do not create a wallet with the fake App you are currently using to then transfer the assets from the old address to the new one.

    Since you are still using a fake imToken, the newly generated mnemonic for the wallet will still be leaked. Therefore, your assets in the wallet are still at risk of being stolen. 

  • Do not download a fake App from a scam website instead of the official website

    If you download imToken through a third-party channel, or your friends or search engines such as Google, you are still highly likely to download a fake App.

    We strongly recommend you to download imToken through our official website And remember to check the website security certificate before the download. You can find the tutorial on how to check the certificate in this blog.