imToken currently supports two LTC address formats.

  • P2PKH: starts with “L”
  • P2SH-P2WPKH: starts with “M”

However, the following are not supported at this time

  • Bech 32 type: starts with “ltc”
  • Old address format: starts with “3”

So you’ll get the error "Incorrect address" when transferring LTC to an address starting with “ltc” or “3”.

How do I fix this?

Take the address starting with “3” as an example, you can fix this by the following methods.

Method 1: Export the LTC wallet mnemonic, import it into other wallets that support LTC addresses starting with 3.

Method 2: Transfer LTC to an exchange that supports addresses starting with 3, L or M, such as Binance. 

Disclaimer: The exchange service is provided by a third party, and this article does not constitute any investment advice.