Hi all, the Layer 2 ecosystem is developing rapidly, why don't you try a fast and low-cost transfer?

If you don't know how to enter the Layer 2 ecosystem, here is a way to help you recharge into the Layer2 ecosystem with extremely low cost-fees, check it out!

Using LayerSwap, you can directly recharge tokens from exchanges to your Layer 2 wallet with extremely low cost-fees.

Try it out: LayerSwap tutorial 

Learn more

  1. Layer 2 concept manual
  2. Hands-on guide (including the official bridge tutorial from zkSync, Arbitrum, Optimism)


imToken 2.10.0 is coming soon with a smoother and more user-friendly Layer 2 experience. Stay tuned!

If you have any problems, please contact us through "Support and Feedback" in the app.


imToken Team

2022.4.15 SGT