The password is at least 8 characters long, you can keep trying your common password combinations to retrieve it, and there is no limit for invalid attempts. If you are still unable to retrieve your password, please follow the tutorial below to reset it.

Note: imToken is a self-custodial wallet and doesn’t store users’ information. So if you forget or lose your password, imToken cannot help you to retrieve it. 

How to reset password?

Prerequisite: You have backed up the mnemonic/private key correctly, otherwise it’s impossible to reset the password.

There are two types of wallets in imToken: Identity wallet and Create/Import wallet. Please find the corresponding tutorial for the wallet you want to reset the password for.

PS: If you are not sure whether your wallet is an Identity wallet or a Create/Import wallet, please check it by clicking "My Profile" - "Manage Your Wallet".


Identity wallet 

  1. Make sure that the Identity wallet's mnemonic and the mnemonic/private key for Create/Import wallet (if any) are all backed up correctly.
    Note: Create/Import wallets should be backed up individually, otherwise they cannot be retrieved once imToken is uninstalled.
  2. To uninstall imToken, and install it again.
  3. Open imToken and select "Recover Identity", then import the identity wallet mnemonic to reset your password.
  4. If you want to restore your created/imported wallets, click "My Profile" - "Manage Your Wallet" - "Add Wallet" and import the Create/Import wallet's mnemonic/private key.

Create/Import wallet

  1. Click "My Profile" - "Manage Your Wallet" - "Add Wallet".
  2. Select the wallet you want to reset the password, enter the mnemonic/private key and click "Confirm", then there will be a pop-up message "Wallet already exists, no need to import the same wallet", click "Confirm" to complete the reset.

If you are prompted with an error when importing the mnemonic/private key, please check this blog What should I do if I get an error when I import a mnemonic or private key?

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