What Is Gas Fee

Gas fee is also known as miner fee or transaction fee. You need to pay gas fee when initiating a transfer of BTC, ETH and other tokens. The fee is paid to miners / validators to encourage them to pack transactions and maintain the security of the blockchain.

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How to Set Gas Fee?

For you to transfer successfully, gas fee will be set up automatically by imToken based on the network condition. Normally, you can transfer by paying the default gas fee.


Meanwhile, the function of customizing gas fee is now available for BTC wallet, ETH wallet, FIL wallet, ATOM wallet, CKB wallet, BCH wallet, and LTC wallet in imToken. You can set a higher gas fee if you want to fasten the transfer speed. If not, you can set a lower gas gee.

Here is an example showing how to customize gas fee for the FIL wallet. On the FIL transfer page, click “Miner Fee” - “Customize”.


As shown above, the default gas fee for the moment is around 0.7021 NanoFIL. If you want to increase the transfer speed, you can uplift it to 0.7023 NanoFIL. If not, it can be lowered to 0.7018 NanoFIL. Click “Confirm” after you have customized the fee.

Note: it is recommended to transfer with the default gas fee as a transaction will fail or not be confirmed for a long time if the fee is too low.


  • It is relatively complicated to customize gas fee for an ETH wallet. Click here for the details.
  • The customization of gas fee is not available for KSM and DOT wallets. However, you can set a tip to accelerate your transaction.
  • Gas fee is not required to transfer through TRX and EOS wallets. Despite that, the transfer through these two wallets will cost other resources.