imToken is a multi-chain wallet and supports all the token in corresponding chains. Users can add new tokens to their token list using the search feature. Please click here to learn how to search for a token and add it.

With the rapid development of public chain ecosystem, there are more than thousands of tokens on different chains. In order to make it easier for users to manage their tokens, we will choose some popular tokens in community and add it to the imToken token list for users to search. So you can’t find a token when imToken didn’t add it. But if you can’t find it in imToken, it doesn’t mean imToken doesn’t support the token. As long as the token meets the token standard of the chain (click here to know more about the standards), you could manage the token in imToken.


All tokens in the imToken token list are only for the convenience of user management and adding tokens. It doesn’t mean these tokens are backed or reviewed by imToken. Please do not use this as a basis for judging the quality of tokens.