Submission of Token Information

imToken is a decentralized wallet, any ERC-20 compatible token with the prerequisite of at least one successful transaction on the blockchain, will be searchable on imToken using token contract.


Currently, projects are able to submit token information, amend token symbols or logo directly via our Github.


Regarding Duplicated Token Names or Contract Amendment

In imToken 1.0, if duplicated token names are found, imToken team will add a number behind the token name for the project who submitted the information later, like TFT1, TFT2 etc. Removing the number is not advisable, as amending the token name will cause the token to disappear from imToken display and may cause unnecessary panic among users. Instead, a better way is to recommend your users to use imToken 2.0, as imToken 2.0 separate tokens via contract address, mitigating the problem of duplicated token names.


If there are update requests due to contract amendment, follow the checklist: 

  1. make an official announcement for the upgrade of the contract
  2. submit a new PR in GitHub:
    1. desaturate the old logo
      (In Photoshop: image - adjustments - desaturate)
    2. resubmit new token contract’s json and logo
  1. share your announcement link under the comment section in the PR

imToken team will evaluate the situation.

Unable to Search with Contract Address

For this situation, please check whether there has been a successful transaction prior, please also Verify your contract information on Etherscan, and we will assist to proceed with the addition manually.


imToken Team