Loopring DEX is now available on imToken! Loopring DEX is a dApp built on Loopring’s H5DEX, an open source DEX solution.

H5DEX Features:

  • Zero Asset Freeze:Will not freeze tokens after order placement — can cancel order at any time;
  • Zero Gas:Trading (place/cancel/complete) will not cost gas;
  • Zero Custody:Never give up custody of your assets;
  • Simple Process:No deposit/withdrawal, everything from within wallet;
  • Risk-free Payment:Never touches your private key, supports QR placement and authorized placement;
  • Flexible Trading:Place buys/sells at any time.

Please visit https://loopring.io for more information about H5DEX and other Loopring solutions.


Step 1: Access LoopringDEX

1) Open imToken App and choose Browse at the bottom.

2) Click More ->add LoopringDEX.

3) Go back to Browse page ->click LoopringDEX.

Step 2: Token Trading

1) Choose to buy or sell your token, then input token price and amount.

2) Click buy LRC ->Sign and Submit ->Authorize Signature ->Input the imToken password ->Order is submitted into ring-matching process.

3) Now you can click Orders and see your order status on the order book.


Loopring DEX is only available on imToken 2.0 International.

iOS users can download imToken 2.0 from Apple Store (not available in Apple China Store and Chinese ID). Android users can download imToken 2.0 from Google Play or https://token.im.

Must swap ETH for WETH.

ETH and WETH are worth the exact same amount. 1 ETH = 1 WETH. The only difference is that WETH is “Wrapped Ether” —  a simple change which makes it tradable with all the other ERC20 tokens. Thus before using LoopringDEX, you need to simply swap some ETH for WETH. You can always change back whenever you’d like. Switching between the two happens through an on-chain transaction.

Note: above I did not have enough ETH to wrap into WETH

What are “tasks”? When should I take care of them?

Tasks (“To-Do’s”) pop up if your wallet’s token balance or WETH is insufficient for completing the order after your order is submitted. A notification will be shown on the “tasks”. Your order will be processed only if you solve the required tasks.

Build your own DEX with Loopring H5DEX

H5DEX is not only for crypto wallets. Other companies and services can implement the solution to offer swap functionality. This includes but is not limited to news platforms, stock/chart monitors, social communities, and WeChat public accounts. Even centralized exchanges can build a DEX on Loopring H5DEX and share orders, depth and liquidity among all Loopring protocol partners.

H5DEX is developer friendly. At the functional level, the development cost of the partner can be greatly reduced, and the visual UI level supports simple and fast customization.

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