With an identity, you can create more wallets through “Add Wallet” if you want. Here are the steps:

How to Create a Wallet?

  1. Open imToken and click “My Profile” - “Manage your wallet” - “Add Wallet”.
  2. Choose a public chain and click “Create Wallet”.
  3. Set up the wallet name, password, and password hints.
  4. Back up the Mnemonic according to the security prompts.
  5. Double confirm the Mnemonic.
  6. Done!

After creating a wallet, you will enter the wallet page with a menu button at the top left corner. By clicking that button, you can go into the “Select Wallet” page where all the created wallets are shown under “Create/Import”.


Click the corresponding wallet under “Identity wallet” on the “Select Wallet” page if you want to switch back to identity wallets.


  • Wallets except identity ones need to be backed up separately. You can check out the details in How Do I Backup a Wallet?
  • After recovering an identity wallet that you have quitted, you need to restore the created wallets by importing them. You can check out the details in How Do I Import a Wallet?.

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