Year 2018 is a blast for imToken, we achieved many major milestones which defined our company. We closed our series A funding round with IDG Capital, we open-sourced our TokenCore code, and most important of all, we released the long-awaited imToken 2.0.

We paid particular attention to the crafting of imToken 2.0 to better serve our users. The ideation stage began in July 2017, a wallet, a consolidated place for applications, a sovereign identity, an essential tool for cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts.

Absolutely essential.

To achieve that, we have to think out of the box, we need to break down stereotypes, we have to grow. imToken 2.0 is the product of our hard work, packed with improvements that simplify how you interact with the blockchain, without compromising on the interface designs.

imToken 2.0, only better.

What is nice about imToken 2.0?

Only an ETH wallet? What if I can


imToken 2.0 supports ETH, EOS and BTC wallets, under one digital identity, backed up with just one set of Mnemonic Phrase.

Have tokens for different blockchain but not sure which wallet to use? Try out imToken 2.0!

Only to send and receive? What if I can


imToken 2.0 incorporated advance functions, taking user experience to an unprecedented level. Accelerate pending transactions, synchronise your own address book, manage concurrent transactions…

Always waiting for transactions to be mined? Try out some of the advance functions in imToken 2.0!

Only a wallet? What if I can


imToken 2.0 enables better control of your own tokens with the built in token swap function (provided by Tokenlon). Choose the desired token pairs, input the amount, click and it is done.

Tired of moving tokens around just to trade? Try out the instant swap function in imToken 2.0!

Only to HODL tokens? What if I can


imToken 2.0 pieces together the fragmented token ecosystem by incorporating DApps for you to discover, understand and interact with.

Have tokens but not knowing what to do with them? Try out the DApps in imToken 2.0!

Only store tokens on mobile? What if I can


imToken 2.0 introduces support for mainstream hardware wallets, including imKey, Ledger, CoolWallet and more to come.

Have the above-mentioned hardware wallets? The support from imToken 2.0 will be coming soon! Stay tuned for more updates.

How to upgrade to imToken 2.0?

We have released an upgrade function to facilitate users to upgrade from imToken 1.0 to imToken 2.0. Simply follow the below instructions to complete the upgrading process:

  1. Update imToken 1.0 to the latest version
  2. Update imToken 2.0, create an identity
  3. Upgrade from imToken 1.0 to imToken 2.0
    • Select methods of upgrading from imToken 1.0,
    • Click on “Begin Migration” to proceed with upgrade procedures.

We have also prepared a video tutorial to guide you.