What is the Token Profile?

The Token Profile lists the basic information for the token issued by projects. We introduced a dedicated page for each token in imToken 2.0, to help users to better understand each token.


How to Submit/ Amend Information on Token Profile

imToken 2.0 currently supports submission or amendment of EOS/ ERC-20 Token Profile by the project teams via GitHub: https://github.com/consenlabs/token-profile.

For tutorial, please visit https://github.com/consenlabs/token-profile/blob/master/README.md

We will update the information on a regular basis.

How to display token price:

In imToken, the current displayed token prices are provided by the block.cc API. If you want your project’s token price to be displayed in imToken, your token price must be supported on block.cc and you have to provide us the corresponding link in your GitHub submission. A sample of the submission can be found at https://github.com/consenlabs/token-profile/issues/3595

Please contact us on GitHub if you require any assistance: https://github.com/consenlabs/token-profile/issues


imToken Team