Spring Sharing, What we’ve observed?

We are currently still practicing the "Autopilot Agile Team" mentioned in our New Year's share. Exploring this new organizational form, we have transparency - just like blockchains do, while having a clear division of labor and efficient communication.

How we got where we are

What is the future of wallets? Starting with imToken 1.0, the easy-to-use features make it part of the classic generation of wallets. As technology is moving forward, a more powerful wallet is needed.

We came to 2.0.

Its mission is not limited to helping users manage private keys. Instead, the wallet is an operating system - Human Blockchain Interaction (HBI) - bringing the decentralized swap protocol, DApp Ecosystem, and further security requirements for private key management to the user, both in software and hardware level.

Now, we are sure of the next opportunity for the following period. On the road to achieving HBI, the inherent problems and emergence of new issues calls for new solutions. This time, we hope imToken just like the quote says


All rivers run into the sea.

Double lucky, the milestone version is released, imKey shipped

The imagination of the future needs to become a reality.

imToken 2.3.0 is a milestone on our roadmap:

  • Now Safer: imToken supports your imKey bluetooth hardware wallet - making token management even safer
  • Even Easier: The redesigned token management - reminds you when new coins arrive in your wallet and helps to hide unwanted coins
  • More Convenient: Increase the number of imported wallets, up to 10 wallet addresses per chain

Learn more.


Not your Keys, Not your Tokens.

Your imKey Hardware Wallet, the best partner for imToken.

Just like imToken is your first blockchain wallet, let imKey be your first hardware wallet!


Happy birthday, You guys

Spring is a season of warm and recovery.

Try to think of a wish and realize it in the days to come!


We onboarded new DApps

Since last Progress Update, we onboarded the following DApps into imToken 2.0.

On March 20th we started a big introduction to MegaCryptoPolis to Chinese as well as English-speaking users. To early supporters MegaCryptoPolis offered limited city builder packages🏆😎

MegaCryptoPolis is bringing city building on-chain: Trade in-game items on markets like OpenSea for 💰💸 and have your game progress safely stored on-chain.

What comes next for our imToken 2.0 users

A series of new features have been scheduled, remember to update to the latest version and enjoy!