In the cool weather, the new version of imToken has arrived as scheduled. let's take a look :)

imToken 2.4.8 changelog:

  • System upgrade makes Android user experience smoother
  • UX optimizations for fine-tuned Tokenlon swapping experience
  • imKey: Smoother BTC transfer,  enhanced UTXO processing capacity
  • Farewell to manual synchronization, more user-friendly address book
  • Clearer DApp Browser Disclaimer & Address Authorization

System upgrade makes Android user experience smoother

Updating our backend system reduces crashes in different scenarios and significantly improves the stability of the App. We also upgraded the compatibility problem between some models and versions, which makes Android user experience smoother overall.


Optimize Tokenlon swapping experience

The third-party decentralized exchange Tokenlon, natively integrated in imToken, has won the gold medal for both DEX swapping volume and number of users in the fourth week of its launch.

This month, we improved:

✔️ GAS adjustment to greatly reduce the problem of transaction failure caused by insufficient miners' fees;

✔️ Fix the problem that the search area is blocked by the system keyboard for some smartphone models;

✔️ Optimize the market maker mechanism to significantly reduce the occurrence of "no quotation from the counterparty";

Please let us know your feedback on twitter: https://twitter.com/tokenlon 


imKey: Smoother BTC transfer, enhanced UTXO processing capacity

For the latest imKey upgrade, we enhanced UTXO processing capability for users with multiple UTXOs, which greatly improves BTC transfer success rate and makes BTC transfer smoother.


Updating the address book

With the launch of imToken version 2.4.8, the address book function has a new "open mode", which makes the user interface smoother: With our new version, it can automatically synchronize addresses added and deleted accross multiple devices, decentralized over IPFS.

Clearer DApp Browser Address Authorization & Disclaimer


Optimized Address Authorization and Disclaimer

We optimized the address authorization and disclaimer prompts. For the scenario where users actively access the third party DApp through the search box on the "Browse" page, a new prompt has been added to inform the risk involved, making the message more comprehensive and clear.

How to update

Stay Safe!

  1. Please make sure all wallets are properly backed up before upgrading
  2. Do not disclose the private key, mnemonic or Keystore to anyone
  3. Learn more about security: https://support.token.im