25001500.pngOn the road to supporting more chains

In July, we released two versions:

imKey is a hardware wallet, similar to the Ledger X - while fitting in your leather wallet. At the moment, it supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cosmos, EOS and USDT, with more coins being added monthly.

If you value security or have large token management needs, imKey is your best choice.


Tokenlon public release

This month, Tokenlon DEX was officially released and is natively integrated into imToken’s interface. Read more about it at tokenlon.im

To celebrate the release, we hid a couple of Easter Eggs in the app and we are giving out big prizes to the largest traders.

The first week winner of the Tokenlon event:

No.1: 0x...ee057d, reward: 500 DAI

No.2: 0x...fea792, reward: limited edition imKey one

No.3: 0x...fbdf4c, reward: imKey one

Download imToken to get started!

Strategic partnership with Nervos Network

On July 30, 2019, Nervos and imToken announced a global strategic partnership.

imToken will launch a Nervos Network wallet, once Nervos launches their mainnet. 

Nervos Network is committed to building the infrastructure for the next generation of blockchain economy, including a set of layered protocols that are based on blockchain technology and are compatible with each other.


We onboarded new DApps

ETHSimple - Purchase and configure your ENS domains in just one click.

Pooltogether - A Lottery You Can't Lose. Participants are paying in cDAI and one winner wins the interest everyone earned.

Defi Saver - one-stop management solution for decentralized finance protocols, simplifying MakerDAO CDP and Compound into one interface 

Litex store - Top up your Chinese phone number with ETH or USDT

What comes next for our imToken 2.0 users

imToken will soon support the first new DApp released by the Tokenlon team, stay tuned.

A series of new features have been scheduled, remember to update to the latest version and enjoy!