You need an identity to live and work in the real world. Likewise, an identity is required for managing tokens in imToken.

As a multi-chain wallet, imToken allows users to create a digital identity through Mnemonic for effortlessly managing tokens on multiple chains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


How to Create an Identity?

  1. Go to to download imToken.
    Note: Click here to know how to download imToken safely.
  2. Open imToken and click “Create Identity”.
  3. Set your identity name, password, and password hint.
  4. Back up the Mnemonic according to the security prompts.
  5. Double confirm the Mnemonic.
  6. Done!

After creating an identity, you can see your ETH wallet on the wallet page. Click the menu button at the top left corner to check out all the wallets under this identity.

如何导入钱包 en 1.jpg


  • Your wallet password is applicable for all transactions through the wallets under this identity.
  • Please keep your Mnemonic safe since it represents the ownership of tokens in the wallet.
  • Please keep your tokens safe from losing, stealing, and scamming through various measures.

Please check out this blog: How to create a wallet? if you want to create more wallets.

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