imToken - from 2.4.7 to 2.4.9

We’ve introducing some important changes in September, like below:

  • System upgrade for Android users
  • Address book auto sync

and more

Combined with the recent "Transaction Status Optimization", you now get a clear overview over the progress of any transfer: Unsubmit, pending, confirming, success or failed. It also gives you a clear understanding of the meaning of each status.


Excellent Partners

Tokenlon has been running independently for two full months, with daily users ranging from 200 to 500, and daily volumes ranging from $200,000-300,000 to $0.5-1 million.Try it yourself!


Statistics as of 8.24

As a defi borrow & lending platform, Compound had lacked a Chinese-friendly interface. For a better user experience, we helped them complete the Chinese localization, and then users can easily use the platform.

Every PAX Gold (PAXG) token is backed by an ounce of allocated gold. Now, the top 7,000 token buyers have the opportunity to enjoy a 2% rebate.


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We onboarded new DApps

Totle — An decentralized swap aggregation.

Infinity Star — Action RPG: Escape an evil lab and save your character.

USDX protocol — A safer stablecoin with interest.

DApptotal - Your DApp news.

Tornado - ETH Mixer.

Dice2win - Game of chances.

What comes next for our imToken 2.0 users

Blockchain wallet entry still has a high threshold. We’ll try to smooth out this threshold in the next version, so that everyone can easily enter the world's door, stay tuned.

And the Devcon5 in Osaka is coming, we’re going to set out, what about you?