What is OP_RETURN?

Simply put, OP_RETURN is a function of "storing information" in the Bitcoin network. This function supports writing Hexadecimal information to the Bitcoin network. 

"OP_RETURN" can use the irreversible advantages of the BTC network to permanently record important information through the blockchain, or use this information to do some special operations (such as ChainX mining).

How to set OP_RETURN?

Go to the BTC wallet transfer interface and open "Advanced Mode". Enter the hexadecimal information in the "OP_RETURN" input box. Then click "Next" to complete the transaction information, and after this transaction will with "OP_RETURN" information.

How to convert hexadecimal information?

OP_RETURN only supports the input of hexadecimal information. For your convenience, here is a tool for string conversion

Conversion step:

  1. Open the tool link and enter the information you want to record in the OP_RETURN input box. At present, OP_RETURN supports up to 80 bytes.
  2. Click the "Execute" button, the input box below shows the converted hexadecimal information, copy the information completely, and paste it into the OP_RETURN input box.