Anyone can issue a token on blockchain without permission. So there are many scam tokens created on-chain by scammers.

If a token is reported as a fraudulent or phishing token by community users with reliable information, or included in other public archives of phishing tokens, then the token will be tagged as risky by imToken


Common fraudulent tokens are fake USDT, ETH and HT issued by scammers. Usually,
Scammers will lie to users that they could buy these tokens below market price, tricking users into transferring their digital assets to the scammer's address and returning the users fake tokens. And once detected, those tokens will get a risky label.

As a decentralized wallet, imToken supports all ERC-20 tokens by default. Thus, tokens that are not tagged as risky doesn’t mean they are safe.

Please contact us through "Support and Feedback" in the App if you cannot tell whether a token received is fraudulent or not.

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