What is EthSign?

EthSign is a decentralized, versioned electronic agreement signing application built with Web3 technologies. The team behind EthSign wants to solve the pain points of traditional electronic signatures through blockchain technology.

If users want to verify the signature and retrieve the signed agreement when they use traditional electronic signatures, they have to obtain permission from the service provider first. Once the e-signature service provider goes bankrupt, the data on the server will also be deleted.

With EthSign, users can sign electronic agreements on the blockchain with better reliability and view the status of the agreement at any time.


How to use EthSign on imToken?

1. Search and open “EthSign” on the imToken “Browser” page.


2. Click "Confirm" to enter the EthSign login page. EthSign currently supports users to create agreements on multiple chains including Etheruem, BSC, and Polygon (formerly known as Matic). 

It is worth noting that if you are entering from an ETH wallet, EthSign will create the agreement on Ethereum by default. You can click "Switch Network " to choose the chain you prefer. After switching, you will be returned to the wallet home page and need to re-enter EthSign on the "Browse" page.


3. Click the menu button on the left top corner, and click “New Contract”. 


4. Upload your contract and click “Next”. 


5. Add the address of signers and double check the document content, signer and agreement settings. You can also set the password and expiration time for the agreement. After a double check, click “Send”, pay the miner fees(3 times) and wait.


6. After the agreement is created successfully, you can check the status of the agreement, the signer's signature status, etc.

Note: Only the agreement initiator and signer can view the agreement.


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