imToken's non-custodial ETH staking service is a staking solution based on Ethereum's official design specifications, jointly offered with InfStones. Its main features include:

  • Users control the withdrawal keys, preventing the service provider from withdrawing staked funds
  • Validators corresponding to staked funds can be queried on-chain, with transparent and clear operational status
  • Supports MEV profit acquisition and automatic profit distribution
  • Automated subscription-based payment method for easy node management
  • No KYC required

In the ETH staking service, each validator corresponds to two keys: a signing key for block validation and a withdrawal key for retrieving the staked ETH and earnings.

imToken's non-custodial ETH staking service supports the separation of signing and withdrawal keys, allowing users to control their private keys while service providers manage node operations. This ensures asset security and reliable validator services.

You can learn more about this through the article "Introduction to Non-Custodial ETH Staking Solution."