Currently, the non-custodial ETH staking fee includes a maintenance service fee of (0.2 ETH/year/node) and a block reward sharing fee.

Maintenance Service Fee

  • Fee target: Single validator (32 ETH)
  • Pricing: 0.2 ETH/year/validator
  • Payment method:
    • If you are creating a validator for the first time, a prepayment of 0.2 ETH will be charged to cover the first-year service fee.
    • If you continue to operate for more than one year, the corresponding service fee will be automatically deducted from future block rewards based on the operating duration.

Block Reward Sharing Fee

  • Fee target: All block rewards generated by the validator group
  • Pricing: 20% of the block rewards will be allocated to the non-custodial service provider (the remaining 80% will be evenly distributed among all validators staked through imToken)
  • Payment method: Automatically distributed proportionally each time block rewards are generated