imToken has deeply integrated the non-custodial ETH staking solution provided by InfStones. The solution maximizes user ownership and control over staked assets, without the need to worry about validator node maintenance.

In the article "The pros and cons of different ETH staking solutions," we have analyzed the pros and cons of different types of staking services. The non-custodial solution is ideal for users with higher asset security requirements. It allows them to retain ownership and control over their staked ETH while earning stable returns.

If you have 32 or more ETH, you can choose the non-custodial staking solution and own a validator node at the Ethereum consensus layer.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Non-Custodial ETH Staking👇

1. Open your ETH wallet, click “Stake” to access the ETH staking page.

2. Enter the number of validators you want to purchase, each requiring 32 ETH. After confirming the number of validators, click "Next" to access the fee confirmation page.

3. Choose a wallet address and confirm the fees. The fees are divided into four parts:

  • Staking amount: Each validator requires 32 ETH to be staked.
  • Service fee: InfStones charges a service fee of 0.2 ETH/validator/year for maintaining node operations.
  • Block reward sharing: Automatically distributed proportionally each time additional block rewards are generated, with 80% allocated to the validator and 20% to the service provider.
  • Gas fee: The gas fee required to send the transaction. It varies depending on the real-time Ethereum network situation.


  • The current service fee is 0.2 ETH/validator/year. Please refer to the service fee shown in your wallet when staking.
  • imToken now supports users participating in staking through imKey. When selecting the wallet address, you can click on the corresponding imKey wallet address to participate in staking. For step-by-step instructions, please refer to this guide.

4. Carefully read the risk terms. Please note:

You need your ETH wallet’s mnemonic phrase to retrieve assets staked at the consensus layer. Therefore, back up your mnemonic phrase securely. You cannot retrieve the staked ETH principal and accumulated earnings if you lose your mnemonic phrase.

After confirming the terms, check the box and approve the transaction. 

5. After approval, patiently await the staking order generation involving three steps: withdrawal credentials, validator resources, and validator creation. Then review the staking details again, input your password, and confirm the staking transaction.
Note: If you exit imToken or return to the homepage before the staking order is finalized, you can re-enter within 24 hours to finalize the staking transaction; otherwise, the staking order closes with no funds deducted.

6. The staking transaction confirmation on the consensus layer is expected to take approximately 12 to 18 hours. After confirmation is done, you need to wait for the activation of validators since only 900 validators are activated per day. 

When the validator reads "Active" status, it means it has been activated and is generating rewards. You can check APR and accumulated earnings on the ETH staking interface.

Beacon Chain explorers:

Rewards Explanation

ETH staking earnings consist of two parts: 1) staking rewards; 2) block rewards.

  • Staking rewards: Validators receive this reward for checking new blocks and “attesting” to if they are valid at the Ethereum consensus layer.
  • Block rewards: When a validator is chosen to propose the next block, it can obtain the gas fees for all transactions in the corresponding block. In addition, it can also receive additional auction income through the block auction market.

You can learn more about the Rewards Structure of Non-Custodial ETH Staking Services.