ENS is a domain name service based on Ethereum. By using the ENS domain name, you can transfer money more conveniently.

What is ENS domain names: https://ens.domains/

On 3rd November 2021, ENS officially announced that it will issue governance tokens ENS, with a total of 100 million ENS tokens, of which 25%, or 25,000,000 ENS tokens, will be distributed to eligible users.

As long as you have registered a ".eth" domain name before October 31st, 2021, you can receive ENS tokens at the address used for registration.

Note: Eligible users must claim the tokens before May 4th, 2022, otherwise your ENS tokens will be transferred to the ENS DAO vault.

How to claim $ENS airdrop: 

  1. Click the link https://token.im to download imToken.
    Note: Please check the website security certificate before the download.
  2. Search for "Claim ENS Airdrop" on the "Browser" page in imToken and open the DApp to see the number of ENS tokens you can claim.
  3. Click “One-Click Claim", pay the miner's fee and confirm the transaction.

If you have question about ENS airdrop, contact ENS official at:

Check ENS official anouncement:$ENS Token Allocation (Claiming Opens Nov 8)