Scammers trick users to download scam Apps such as BlueSMS and lure them to top up their accounts. 

When users choose to deposit funds through imToken, they’ll be redirected to a fake imToken transfer page. Once they enter the passwords to top up their accounts, they’ll be prompted with the message "Top-up failed”.

Although the page indicates that the top-up has failed, the user's USDT token approval has been secretly obtained by the scammers, which will allow the scammer to transfer USDT out of users’ wallets without their consent.

In response to such scams, imToken has upgraded its risk control system. When users sign messages, imToken provides a risk warning popup, alerting them of the potential risks associated with their transactions, thus preventing potential loss of user tokens.


  • You can distinguish between real and fake transfer pages by checking the icon in the upper right corner of the page. The icons in the top right corner of the fake page are "..." and "X", while that of the real page is a QR code scan icon.
  • Read this blog on how to spot token approval scam and stay alert!