Before withdrawing tokens from OKX ( formerly OKEx) to imToken, you need to know what digital currencies are supported by imToken. You can not receive the transferred tokens from the exchange if they are not supported by imToken.

You can combine the imToken tutorial with the official tutorial provided by OKX Exchange for making withdrawals.

How to Withdraw tokens from OKX to imToken?

1. Open OKX and click “Assets” - “Withdraw” to select the token that you want to withdraw, such as ETH.


2. Select the network on the withdrawal page. Take ETH-ERC20 as an example here.


  • Before selecting the withdrawal network, please make sure that imToken supports that network.
  • If you choose other networks


3. If you want to withdraw ETH from OKX to imToken, open your ETH wallet in imToken and click “Receive” - “Copy” to copy your ETH wallet address.


  • Click the menu button at the top left corner to choose your BTC wallet for receiving BTC.
  • Both ETH and TRX wallets are available for receiving USDT, and the corresponding withdrawal networks are ERC20 and TRC20 respectively.


4. In OKX, paste the ETH address and enter the amount. After that, click “Submit” to continue the withdrawal.


5. Enter the verification code in OKX and confirm the withdraw.


  • Please confirm the withdrawal fee and the amount you will receive before withdrawing.
  • Withdrawal usually takes about 1 to 30 minutes. Please reach out to customer service of OKX if you cannot receive the transferred tokens after 30 minutes.



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