imToken Fans is a forum developed by imToken team where digital wallet users can share their views and help each other.

You can access the imToken Fans Forum by mobile application and web browsers.

If you use a mobile phone

Open imToken, switch to the "Browser" page and enter "imToken Fans" in the search box. Open imToken fans, then you can log in after authorization.

If you use a computer

Enter the URL: in the browser, then open imToken, switch to the ETH wallet, and scan the QR Code to log in.

TFT (TokenFans Token) 

TFT (TokenFans Token) is a member medal of the imToken Fans user community. Currently only issued by the imToken Fans community, it is inseparable, cannot be transferred or exchanged.

TFT can be used to evaluate the proof of contribution of the community. And you can get some extra chances like internal tests or advanced functions according to your number of TFT.

TFT is an ERC-20 token, and its contract address is 0xE534619dEFDBF0cAf673b8AbF7158714F5BD4bd9

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