In layman's terms, Data is a custom information function of the Ethereum network. Users can use this function to record information on the chain or call a contract. Note that the input box only supports filling in hexadecimal content.

For example, we recorded the phrase "imToken is a useful multi-chain wallet" on the chain, which requires two steps:

  1. Use the conversion tool to convert the phrase "imToken is a useful multi-chain wallet" into hexadecimal data. The converted data is:696D546F6B656E20E698AFE5A5BDE794A8E79A84E5A49AE993BEE992B1E58C85
  2. Fill the data: 0x696D546F6B656E20E698AFE5A5BDE794A8E79A84E5A49AE993BEE992B1E58C85 into the input box, and then simply send the transaction.