Indexed Finance 

Indexed Finance is a project focused on the development of passive portfolio management strategies for the Ethereum network.

Indexed is managed by the holders of the governance token NDX, which is used to vote on proposals for protocol updates and high level index management such as the definition of market sectors and the creation of new management strategies.


Our opinion: Tokenized ETFs sound interesting. Practically it means that you can diversify into a range of tokens with one click. If you have the Uniswap token, you can try to stake the NDX and UNI as a liquidity provider for rewards.

dForce Lending

dForce lending is a flexible lending market with multi-currency support, and also uses Chainlink on mainnet. 


Our opinion: You can make a nomination on your supported tokens through their forum. Try it out and use it to support your favorite token.


A decentralized aggregator that offers a good swap price by using algorithms to find the best price comparing multiple decentralized exchanges.


Our opinion: It’s providing a comparison not only of DEXs, but also between the price on DEXs and CeXs.


YFX supports multi-chain swaps, which also offers 100x leverage on BSC, Tron and Heco chains. More chains are planned to be supported: Ethereum, OKEx Chain, Polkadot. 


Our opinion: If you like, you can try the 100x leverage swapping on YFX. Obviously with a high risk of losing all your money, so as always: Beware of the risks!


Sil.Finance provides finance service to fill the gap between YFI and YFII. The decentralized automatic investment platform focuses on Financial Management services like dual-token liquidity for variable swaps, automatic LP matching, and automatic compound interests. It automatically selects and configures products that are most suitable for user income.

Fun fact: The name actually stands for "Sister In Law" token. 


Our opinion: A liquidity mining DApp with a couple of different options. Check it out if you are a liquidity provider on Sushi!

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