Support custom node and zkSync

In the past month, we released two versions.

Miner fees too expensive? Slow transfer speeds? Try Layer2!

Layer2 is a performance enhancement solution proposed by the Ethereum community and developers. To help you access the Layer2 ecosystem quickly, imToken has launched the custom node feature, which allows you to experience the long-lost "inclusive" finance.

In addition, imToken is deeply integrated with zkSync, a Layer2 scaling solution based on ZK Rollup, which gives you a millisecond transfer experience in addition to a miner's fee as low as 80 cents!

imToken announces US$30 million series B investment

Singapore, March 31, 2021, imToken announced the completion of a US$30 million Series B financing led by Qiming Venture Partners, with participation from its lead Series A investor IDG Capital and new investors including Breyer Capital, HashKey, Signum Capital, Longling Capital, SNZ and co-founder of Fosun International, Mr. LIANG, Xinjun.

The total transaction value via imToken has exceeded US$500 billion.

Now, imToken’s digital wallet platform is a key pillar of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and we are looking forward to working together to reach new milestones and witness the changes that blockchain can bring to the world.

Partnership with InfStones

Singapore, April 4, 2021, imToken announced the partnership with the infrastructure provider InfStones.

InfStones is the world's leading blockchain infrastructure provider, showing experience with a staking service of 100% up time and with zero security incidents.

We are delighted to work with them on enabling Eth2 staking to our users right in the imToken app.


The non-custodial Eth2 staking service (provided by InfStones) will be available soon, stay tuned!