What is bandwidth and energy?

1. The bandwidth represents the number of bytes of the transaction size. For example, if the transfer transaction size is 250 bytes, it will consume 250 bandwidth.
2. Energy represents the resource required to execute a specific operation on TRON. For example, if a smart contact transaction consumes 100 μs energy, it means that the transaction requires 100 μs computing resources to execute on the network.

How to get bandwidth and energy?

There are two methods to obtain bandwidth and energy

Method 1: Burn TRX (recommended)

Transfer 50-100 TRX into your TRX wallet and when making transactions, a small amount of TRX will be burned to provide the bandwidth and energy required for the transaction.

Method 2: Freeze TRX

Click “Resource” on the asset page to enter the TRON Resource page. Select the type of resource you want to obtain, and enter the number of TRXs you want to freeze. It is recommended to freeze 2000~3000 TRXs. (You can unfreeze and redeem your frozen TRX after 3 days.)



  1. All transactions need to consume bandwidth
  2. Some transactions need to consume energy, such as smart contract calls (TRC-20 token transfer and DApp interaction)
  3. The activated account has 1500 free bandwidth every 24 hours and can be used for several transfers per day for TRX and TRC-10 tokens.
  4. After the resources obtained by freezing TRX are run out, they will gradually recover within 24 hours.