BTC in the BTC wallet cannot be directly converted to USDT, but can be converted to USDT in the ETH wallet as follows.

  1. Open the ETH wallet in imToken and click "Wrap"-“Wrap BTC”.
  2. Select "imBTC", click "Mint" - "BTC". 
  3. Enter the amount of BTC to be exchanged and click "Mint".
  4. After the mint is complete, go back to ETH wallet
  5. Click "Market" to enter Tokenlon.
  6. Set the left side of the exchange box to imBTC and the right side to USDT
  7. Enter the amount of imBTC to be exchanged, click "Exchange Now" and pay the miner fee.


  • Please make sure you have enough ETH in your ETH wallet to pay the miner fee.
  • If you want to exchange your BTC for USDT in other wallets, please transfer your assets to the exchange for USDT first, and then withdraw USDT to the corresponding wallet in imToken.